Heart disease in Indonesia, especially coronary heart disease, has greatly increased in number currently. Even in big cities, as in other developed countries, coronary heart disease has become the leading cause of death.

At Awal Bros Hospital, patient with heart problems are diagnosed and treated with great sensitivity and innovation by a team of cardiologists, nurses, nutritionists, and cardiothoracic surgeons who are supported by the comprehensive resources of a world-class academic medical center. Patient without overt heart disease are assessed and advised on how to prevent heart disease and stroke.

That means that virtually every option is available to Awal Bros Hospital patients from the latest medications to a full range of surgical and minimally invasive surgical procedures to treat everything from heart attacks to faulty valves to the latest devices. It’s all at Awal Bros Hospital, where our clinical team works with patients to not only devise the best possible treatment plans, but to help them make vital lifestyle changes to prevent further problems.

Entering the era of globalization , Awal Bros Hospital is ready to compete with hospitals abroad. Our hospital, specifically developed the field of cardiology that the patient can perform cardiac catheterization and coronary intervention (PCI) at an affordable price but with the service and the work of the International standard .